Water being an essential part of a household means that you need to always ensure that your supply is working appropriately. If you are experiencing a broken pipe, you will notice a range of abnormalities with the water in your home. Here are some of the signs to look out for to avoid extensive water damage and other complications.

Low water pressure in the faucets

One of the first conspicuous signs of a broken pipe is low water pressure or complete lack of running water. Typically, the pressure will start to steadily dwindle and eventually end up with a lack of flowing water altogether. In the event that you notice your water pressure is fluctuating, you should engage the services of your local plumber. Perhaps a blockage is causing it and could be fixed before the pipe ruptures entirely, which could translate into more expensive repairs and possible replacement of the plumbing system.

Astronomical utility bills

Another sign that you could be dealing with a broken pipe is spontaneously high water bills. If your water consumption has remained the same, there should be no reason for your utility bill to have a price hike. However, if you have a broken pipe, this means there could be water running off without being detected.  If you notice a fluctuation in your water bill, you would be best advised to hire the services of a plumber who could investigate and figure out whether you are dealing with a broken pipe.

Soggy grass and random puddles

Puddles should set off alarm bells in your head if you have not been experiencing any rainfall in your area. This is because puddles mean water is escaping from somewhere and if left unchecked the problem could lead to extensive water damage. When it comes to soggy grass and puddles outdoors, chances are that one of your underground pipes has ruptured. If left unattended, not only could this significantly increase your water bill but also the excess water could get into the foundation of your home and wreak havoc.

Contaminated water from your faucets

If you notice the water in your home has changed color or smells off-putting, there is a chance you could be dealing with a broken pipe. When a pipe ruptures, not only does it let water out, but it also lets contaminants in. This could be in the form of soil, debris, bacteria and more. Contaminated water may look murky, may be tainted in color, or you would visibly notice debris such as tiny stones and pebbles in the water.

If your home does sustain water damage, contact a business like Accutech Restoration to learn about what it will take to repair it.