Truthfully, you shouldn't be seeing mold growth on or around your sliding glass door. The minute you notice any type of mold growing on or around the door, it's important that you do some investigating and treating to eliminate the problem for good.

Mold on the Glass

This should never be an issue unless you have neglected the windows for years. Of course, if the mold is growing between the layers of glass, it's not due to neglect of cleaning duties. It happens when windows get old and moisture between the glass panels begins to grow mold. There's really not much you can do about this problem without replacing the doors or the glass in the doors.

Mold on the Frame

The frame of the sliding glass door is likely made of aluminum, wood or vinyl. Wood is more likely to grow mold than vinyl or aluminum, but all materials are capable of growing mold if debris remains on them for a substantial amount of time.

The wood frames are more susceptible to mold growth because wood is an organic material. This means it doesn't need the extra dirt and debris to grow mold. It just needs moisture and mold spores.

To prevent mold growth on wood frames, do your best to keep the area clean and dry. The minute you notice condensation forming on the inside or the outside of the glass, you must decrease the moisture levels or adjust the temperature inside your home. Coat the wood with sealant once a year to make it more difficult for the water to get absorbed into the material.

To prevent mold growth on the metal or vinyl frames, just keep it clean. Perform a cleaning bi-weekly that consists of a 1:1 bleach and water mixture. Use a toothbrush to scrub the crevices clean. The better job you do keeping the dirt and moisture off of the frame, the less likely you are to experience any type of mold growth on it.

Mold on the Tracks

This will happen if you don't keep the tracks clean. The dirt gets caked into the track, a little bit of moisture mixes in, and before you know it, there is mold growing. Vacuum the tracks each time you vacuum the carpet. Once every few weeks, get a toothbrush and a bleach and water mixture and clean the tracks well.

If mold continues to be a problem on or around your sliding glass door, contact a mold restoration specialist quickly. There could be an underlying problem that you cannot see that will continue to worsen if it's not treated.