With summer in full swing, it's important that you protect your home from fire hazards. You might not realize this, but your risk of suffering a residential fire goes up substantially during the summer. That's because there are so many more risks, including dry grass, increased electrical use around the house, and ordinary barbecue grills. To help prevent residential fires, you need to think about safety throughout the summer. Here are free effective steps you can take to help avoid residential fires.

Invest in a Better Surge Protector

If you're not using the right surge protectors in your home, or you're not using them at all, you're increasing your risk of fires. Electrical fires can start quickly, especially when numerous electrical devices are being used at the same time, which can happen during the summer months. Surge protectors help prevent overheated power outlets, and will shut off all power to electrical devices if a surge – or overheating – occurs. Now that summer is here, make sure your computers, televisions, and other electrical devices are plugged into the appropriate surge protector.

Take Care When Charging Toys

If you or your kids have electronic toys, such as drones, hover boards, etc., you need to take care when charging them. These devices can cause residential fires when not charged properly.

Ensure Clear Space

When charging electronic toys and gadgets, always ensure adequate space for the device. Clear space will prevent sparks from igniting into flames should a short occur during charging.

Never Charge Overnight

If you make a habit of charging your electronic toys and gadgets overnight, it's crucial that you break that habit. If your charger shorts out overnight, you could have a fully-involved fire before you realize there's a problem. To avoid that, only charge your toys and gadgets when you're awake, and at home, to monitor them.

Avoid Charging in Garage

When it comes to ensuring charging safety, never charge your devices in the garage. Your garage is filled with items that are flammable, and that can ignite very quickly. Not only that, but most garages aren't equipped with fire or smoke detectors. For maximum protection, charge your toys and gadgets on patios, or inside the house. If you must charge your devices in the garage, be sure to install smoke and fire detectors.

Provide Defensible Space

If you're like most people, you think of the area around your fence when you hear the words defensible space. However, defensible space also refers to the area right around the perimeter of your home. Weeds, dead plants, and dry grass, can all pose a serious risk to your home during the summer months. To make sure your home is protected against fires, make sure the area right around your home is clean and clear.

Don't take chances with fires. The tips provided here will help protect your home against the threat of fires. If you do suffer a residential fire this summer, be sure to contact a fire damage restoration company for the cleanup. The smoke and soot left behind after a residential fire can be harmful to your health. This type of cleanup is best left to the professionals.