A home lived in by someone that has issues with hoarding can rapidly escalate from a stable place to live to a biohazard zone. If you are tasked with cleaning up the home of a hoarder, it is best to bring in the professional expertise of a biohazard cleanup service. Here are a few examples of biohazards that may be present. 


Mold in a hoarder's home is especially common. Water leaks can go unnoticed due to the clutter and moisture can get trapped between walls or amid all the items in the house. Simply going in and starting to clean a hoarder's home can mean you disrupt idle mold spores and generate a disastrously dangerous situation fr everyone in the space. Biohazard cleanup professionals know how to spot present mold before getting started, and will take the necessary steps to deter spreading the mold spores.  

Animal Feces or Urine 

Having animal feces or urine amid a mass of trash that must be handled and cleaned up poses a biohazard to those doing the work. This animal waste can contain dangerous microbes that have to be handled with absolute caution. 

Human Waste 

Those with hoarding tendencies can find value in things that have no actual value, and it is not uncommon for human waste to be something some hoarders hang onto. Further, it is not uncommon for bathroom facilities to get blocked by all the stuff in the house, so the person dwelling there may relieve themself somewhere else in the home. Whether it is urine or human excrement, this form of waste is considered to be a biohazard and should be handled with absolute care. Human waste is filled with bacteria and organisms that can be detrimental to your health if not properly handled. Therefore, bringing in biohazard cleanup professionals is the best decision. 

Deteriorating Animal Tissue 

It is incredibly sad to see, but more common than most people realize: hoarders can have deteriorating animals in their homes. Birds may get inside the house and get lost, rodents may die somewhere beneath the hoard, and even pets can die and never be removed. The deteriorating animals in the hoard can generate a lot of concerns about biohazards for those who are cleaning up the property. As animal tissue deteriorates, it can release microbial agents that can cause illness if ingested or aspirated. Bringing in a biohazard cleanup service that has the equipment and training to handle these situations is extremely important. 

If you feel your home or a loved one's home may contain biohazards, talk to a biohazard cleanup service today. In the long run, you'll be glad you did!