If you take a closer look at your park's drainage system, chances are it needs some improvement. The biggest drain problems happen when you do not maintain their existing systems regularly. The following three water removal methods can help you improve any drainage system and prevent flooding from occurring in your business.

Construct a Vault

According to studies, vaults create an upper drainage area for semi-permanent water. By adding a vault in your parking lot, you can prevent excess puddles and wet spots from forming on your property. The following tips can help you craft a strong vault:

  • Select the appropriate material for your needs. Cedar, plastic, or fiberglass are ideal choices for this project
  • Locate the vault at a low point in your lot, close to where drainage problems typically occur
  • Allow space for the vault in your initial layout design
  • Place soil inside the hole, and then place the vault over the top
  • Fill in the dirt by hand or with a tamping tool to ensure that your vault stays in place

Incorporate Permeable Paving

Less common than a vault, permeable paving may be easier to maintain in certain situations. By filling gaps between concrete slabs with bricks or small rocks, you can help water move freely and prevent flooding. Permeable paving can also help you conserve water by allowing rain to soak into the ground instead of pooling on top of your parking lot. Although this method is not always the most cost-effective solution, it efficiently prevents excess puddles in a small area.

Repair Pipes Every Year

At the end of each summer, paying close attention to your drainage system and any pipes below the surface is essential. By checking for blockages or leaks that can affect water flow, you can help prevent a flood from occurring in your business. Here are some tips on how you should fix drain problems:

  • Identify all pipes and drains to make sure that they are in the proper place
  • Check all pipes for leaks by placing a bucket underneath each one
  • Clean out any grates to ensure they remain in top shape
  • Clean out all drains and clean away any debris with a wire brush or plunger

If you follow these steps regularly, you can help prevent a flood in your business and prolong the lifespan of your drainage systems. Most importantly, you should conduct this maintenance at the end of each season so that water does not have time to build up or leak out from beneath the surface.

Go to websites about drainage systems to learn more.